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Convincing our clients to give away 24 queen-sized mattresses to study participants.
Presenting to a Customs & Border Patrol client who brought a firearm to the conference room table. 

Buying beers for unsuspecting strangers while conducting bar-intercept-interviews for Boston Beer and Miller/Coors.


Sitting with my clients on the hardwood floor of a furniture-less NYC apartment for 


Over the past 25+ years, Kate Van Dam has devoted her curiosity, strategic thinking and passion for planning to brands such as Talbots, Coors Light, and Tyson Foods.   

A scholarship for the University of Georgia’s Masters of Marketing Research brought Kate to Athens, where she burned the candle at both ends, mastering the art of the 20-minute power nap and somehow still managing to find time to meet her future husband.

After a stint in the Marketing Research Department at American Express, Kate was lured to Memphis where she led the Brand Planning charge for Archer/Malmo.  It wasn’t long before the one-on-one cotton field “intercepts” and blind pulled pork taste tests had Kate yearning to return to her roots back in the Northeast.


In the fall of 1999, Kate joined Arnold Worldwide, where she pitched and won Tyson Foods, Vonage and RadioShack in addition to managing the planning for brands like Talbots and Citizen’s Bank. 

In the summer of 2005, Kate took a sabbatical when the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself.  (Her husband Bob was offered a job in Geneva Switzerland.)  Upon returning to the states after twelve glorious months of nothing but cheese and chocolate, Kate decided that being her own boss was the way to go.

Today, with her partner, former classmate, colleague and long time friend Marilyn Monturio, Kate applies her wealth of brand planning experience for clients such as Sam Adams, BrightFarms and Point32Health.


Kate, her husband, and two children currently live in Swampscott, MA.  She enjoys entertaining, downhill skiing and walking the beach.

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